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OUR History

The Ottawa Beach General Store 

Summer's sweetness is enhanced as you visit the Ottawa Beach General Store. Built in the late 1930's, the store is an iconic Holland tradition not to be missed. Many grandparents remember visiting the store as small children with their grandparents - and continue the tradition today.

Savor the extensive candy and drink selection and shop for beach souvenirs as you enjoy a morning coffee and doughnuts. Lunch here is a great option - enjoy a steaming hot dog or delicious fresh sandwich. Sweatshirts, t-shirts and toys line the shelves - as well as a mini grocery store complete with camping supplies.

Purchase your BEER, WINE and LIQUOR for evening get together at the cottage. Our liquor selection is extensive, our wines chosen by experts, and we feature local craft beers as well as old time favorites.

No summer is complete without the many flavors of ICE CREAM to be enjoyed on the deck with friends and family under the shade of a red umbrella.

Our Store Today

The Ottawa Beach General Store 

Every town should have a general store. A place that feels like home, serves delicious treats and carries a little bit of everything. Ottawa Beach General Store does just that and takes pride in the role it is fulfilling. With over 70's years of service, we have a lot of stories to tell. Today, the stories continue to be created. 

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